We were fed in the dawn of creation beautifully.In the Garden of Eden. We were perfect.  Whatever we had in our nakedness was enough. We were adorned to walk in paradise. To walk in the dew. To be beautiful in our skin as the sun shone down on Adam and Eve, on us. We had all the things of nature to rub on our skin. Everything to beautify and feel beautiful surrounded us.

Then sin entered. We were kicked out of our home. Shut out of paradise.  When sin walked in, so too entered our insecurities. We stopped being Beautifully Fed from the inside. We forgot about our natural beauty, innate within us. We started feeding our beauty externally and forgot about the internal. 

To be Beautifully Fed is to bring the cohesiveness between the internal and the external back together again. So that we are not just healed, but as the Bible said,“be made whole”. The only way we’ll be whole is when we’re Beautifully Fed inside and out.

-Yolanda Robinson